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Art Cyclopedia - The fastest way to find Art

Cumbria Artefacts
Cumbria Artefacts

- Cumbria has a rich heritage of arts and culture as well as a thriving community of contemporary artists, craftspeople, theatres arts venues, events and festivals. This website is designed to share with you some of that richness and to provide information that will enable audiences and visitors to further enjoy the cultural gems of Cumbria.

Antiques-Now - Antique Furniture For Sale on Antiques - Antique Furniture for sale on UK based Antique trading website. Antique Tables, Antique Chairs, Antique Furniture, Antique Beds, Cabinets, Cupboards, Collectables and more.

Art Publication Art is Spectrum - ARTisSpectrum is an art publication by Agora Gallery. It is an art magazine which includes a journal, books review, catalogue and resources for contemporary artists, art professionals & art lovers.


- - The ultimate guide and web service provider for the art and framing industry

 Art Daily
The First Art Newspaper on the Net

WWW   Art Daily paper   The First Art Newspaper  on the Net. Constantly updated relevant Art News
 Art Daily The First Art Newspaper on the Net - A comprehensive arts directory
Arts Directory

  The art world's source for income & exhibition opportunities The art world's source for income & exhibition opportunities

Coloured Pencil Topics  This site will answer many of your questions in an unbiased straight forward manner

ART-SEARCH  €“ UK Art Directory

- ART-SEARCH ‚ UK Art Directory - Lists 1000 , of art related businesses in the UK. Part of the international network..

Artist into Schools

- Northern Artists into Schools (NAiS) is a cross regional agency  providing information and advice on arts in education.

Voluntary Arts Network

- The Voluntary Arts Network is a UK development agency for the  voluntary arts.  Their mission is to 'promote participation in the arts'.

British Arts for everything art

- British Arts -  
British Arts for everything art


- Arqadia offers unrivalled experience in the UK framing industry for  mouldings,  mounts, ready-made frames and equipment.

The Art List

- Monthly e-Newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming Art Contests, Art Competitions, and Opportunities for visual artists and photographers.


- is the online store for muslin backdrops, backgrounds, Chroma key backdrops, background stands and studio accessories at lowest prices on the web.

The Digital Artists Handbook

- The Digital Artists Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces you to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art.
The goal of the Handbook is to be a signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible. The Handbook will be slowly filled with articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their tools and ways of working. Some articles are introductions to tools, others are descriptions of methodologies, concepts and technologies.

The Fine Art Trade Guild

- The UK's trade & marketing organisation for the picture   business.

 Art Oasis magazine

-  Art Oasis is an online magazine that is for artists of all types.


Painters-Online the website for Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines



the community
- Absolutely free, no strings. Cancel at any time. You'll get the valuable twice-weekly letter only. Your email address will not be lent, sold or put on any spam or other nasty list. Guaranteed.


- Postaprint offers genuine, historical antique maps and prints supplied by   mail order.  Their inventory of some 250,000 authentic antiquarian maps and engravings embraces all countries and subjects, produced by leading artists and cartographers of the generation.

Crazy Goat Promotions
Crazy Goat Art Promotions

- Crazy Goat Art Promotions aims to develop the local art community by developing international links and introducing cultural diversity into the North West region. We are already working with arts groups and individuals in Serbia and Montenegro, and aim to extend our work into other countries worldwide. Through collaborations and partnerships we aim to offer exciting new opportunities for arts and music production and exhibition.

Paul A Steward

- Loadsa links to Museums and Arts and Crafts related sites.


- ArtQuest offer a new way to locate, buy and sell art.  ArtQuest is a listing service that connects buyers and sellers via email.  Say goodbye to  commissions and fees to locate art!

Federation of Canadian

- The Federation (FCA) is a nationally incorporated not-for-profit society and registered charity representing 1,600 artists and art lovers across Canada and around the world.  The mandate of the Federation is to share and promote the passion and pleasure of the visual fine arts through education, exhibition and communication.

Top 100 - Art Sites

- As the title suggests! A listing of well over one hundred art related sites.

PGM Art World

- We put you in the picture.  Our online catalogue presents you our entire
   collection of art prints, furthermore we would like to inform you of our
   top sellers as well as about our artists.  Read our newsletter to catch up
   on current trends.  Be drawn into the PGM Art World of colours.

Automotive, Marine, Industrial & Aviation Paints, Coatings, & Supplies , Color Tone Paint

- Color Tone Paint offers a wide variety of automotive, marine, industrial & aviation paints, coatings, & supplies to make sure your painting department is fully stocked and running smoothly on a daily basis.  

The Arts Council

The Arts Council of England is an independent, non-political body    working at arms length from the Government. It's mission is developing, sustaining and promoting the arts.  It's aim is to promote access, education and excellence in the arts through partnership.

The Arts Coucil England


Global Art Net

Global Art Net is an online art community for artists, employers and suppliers. It is a good place to share your artwork, write and read tutorials, find art supplies or a job.We also provide freelancing services : our members can post projects and place bids for FREE!

Greenwich Workshop

- Limited Editions, Prints and Canvases, Books, Fine Art Collectibles.


- HK Art Projects are a specialist murals, painting & decorative finishes company based in London.

Highlights North

- Highlights works in partnership with over 50 voluntary groups to bring high quality, professional theatre, music, dance and craft events to village halls, schools and community centres.

ImagineFX  Fantasy & Sci Fi Digital Art -ImagineFX  Fantasy & Sci Fi Digital Art.

Image Makers On-line
Art Gallery

- Image Makers On-Line Art Gallery features the works of several artists  from across North America.  As this site will be a continual work in  progress, please check back often as we present the work of our represented artists.

Exhibition Stands - London Display Company

-The leading Exhibition Stand Design and Build Contractors based in London offering free Exhibition Design Services from Award winning Exhibition Designers and Portable Display Systems at the most affordable prices in the UK.

Models for Artists Register UK

-Wether you are a RAM registered life model, a life model who hasn't joined the RAM register and directory yet, a would-be life model, an artist or life drawing tutor, a film production company, a magazine features writer or anyone else with a professional requirement for life drawing, painting or sculpture models in the UK, this is your website.

Mosaic Matters

-Mosaic Matters the online magazine for all things mosaic.

- creates a link between art collector and artist by  providing instant access to a selection of 90 artists and over 750 artworks.  Now, collecting original art couldn't be easier, especially with our unique range of features.

Trade Show Displays

- Trade Show Displays



- Art Channel provided by art4net.

Photo Canvas Printing

- At Photo Canvas Printing we transform your photos by printing them onto high quality artists cotton canvas, stretched over a handmade wooden frame.

Silk Painters Guild

- We have an international membership of silk painters from many countries around the world and on all continents. Enjoy viewing over 350 silk paintings by artists in our on-line galleries. Make contact with other textile artists who enjoy painting on silk. Share your ideas and enthusiasm for this wonderful art form.  Increase your knowledge, be inspired and be part of our worldwide community of creative people.


- An international directory of authoritative, high quality art & culture  websites.

Visit Lancaster University's Art Department

- Visit the Art Department at Lancaster University for details of 
  undergraduate and postgraduate courses,  the department and facilities,
  degree shows, announcements, staff, open days, student views and more...

Fine Art Database

- Have you got an Art Site?  Now you have the opportunity of free
  advertisements for your works of art.  PhotArt, PaintingArt, DigitalArt,
  all these Art Sites are welcome, you just have to add your site.


- Artwell is a friendly, laid-back haven for artists and art lovers to connect, discuss and learn. So relax, sit back and grab a  cup...we hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy   offering it.


- ArtSeek - The Internet Art Resource Directory and Internet Design   Services Co.  Seeking an artist?  Check out extensive directory of   individual artist sites.  Need more?  Our art resources section offers   links to hundreds of on-line art databases, art galleries, museums and  more.

FREE eGreetings Cards

- FREE eGreetings Cards - A gallery of over 12,000 ecards.  We want visitors to share the joy we experience in creating our cards.  We make card-sending an easy, enjoyable, look-forward-to  experience.


Check It Out!

pet portrait for you

A directory of artists and art related websites

A directory of artists and art related websites

art marketing .com is art directory is art directory


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