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Tracer Projector & Light Boxes Artograph Hints and Tips

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  Artograph tracer projectors LED 500
    Digital Art Projector Artograph LED 500. The LED 500 is the newest digital art projector from Artograph. The LED 500 is brighter, and has a greater contrast ratio, while the super bright, maintenance-free 500 lumen LED lamp provides vivid and accurate illumination and lasts up to 30,000 hours. Image controls allow you to rotate, resize, and reverse your picture at the touch of a button, and includes a new feature which automatically adjusts the projected image to be square when being projected higher or lower than the projector. With 1280 x 800 (WXGA) resolution, twin XD image processors, and an exclusive "Edge Enhancer" function, the Artograph LED500 offers brilliant, 500 lumen illumination, true-to-life color, and incredible sharpness. Projected image sizes range from 15" to more than 80" in virtually any lighting conditions.
The keystoning adjustment lets you easily adjust angles and perspective to suit your design. The LED 500 projector has the ability to display digital images from virtually any source, including SD cards, thumb drives, digital cameras, computers, iPads, and smartphones.
Manufacturer: Artograph ART 225501

Art Projectors Make it easy.
Art Projectors Make it easy. Make it big...with Projectors. Whether it's image clarity, copy reduction/enlargement, or color-corrected brightness you need, we offer practical economical choices. Select the optimal model for quick and easy enlarging capabilities to create banners, murals and paintings or precision clarity necessary for airbrushing and fine art. Art projectors project an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualizing. This allows the artist, crafter, or designer to size, view or lay out a particular design with incredible speed and accuracy, while maintaining integrity and control. An image can be reproduced exactly or used as a proportioning guide to aid in the creation of a new design.
    Artograph tracer projectors
  Common Uses/Applications For Light Boxes A light box is an indispensable tool for a whole range of art, hobby and craft applications.     Artograph tracer light box

Artograph Tips & Techniques
for Light Boxes

Stenciling Embossing Calligraphy
Backlight the stencil onto the card for easy positioning. Then use a dry flat bristle brush and pounce up and down to apply paint. Reapply paint as needed.
Tape the stencil face down on the screen. Place card or paper face down over the stencil. Use a ball stylus to trace the outline with firm but not excessive pressure.
Calligraphy and Lettering
Trace script styles and illuminated lettering.
Embroidery Scrapbook Cartooning
Embroidery Appliqué and Quilting
Trace a pattern directly onto fabric for stitching or cut outs.
Make cut-outs, borders and mounts to decorate pages and enhance photos and souvenirs in memory albums.
Professionals and amateurs speed up production and accuracy with a light box.

Embroidery Appliqué, Quilting & Needlework: To trace patterns directly onto paper and lightweight fabrics, simply lay the design or pattern on the light box screen and place your working surface over the top of the design or pattern. Switch the light box on and draw the outline in soft pencil or tailor's chalk. Tip: if pattern or design is hard to see, turn room lights off or use tracing paper.

Scrapbooking, Embossing & Cartooning: For cut-outs, filigree and pierced work, cut around the design with a craft knife or scalpel, or pick around the outline with a sharp point.

        Source Wikipedia -  Camera obscura

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

The camera obscura (Lat. dark chamber) was an optical device used in drawing, and one of the ancestral threads leading to the invention of photography. In English, today's photographic devices are still known as "cameras".

The principle of the camera obscura can be demonstrated with a rudimentary type, just a box (which may be room-sized, or even hangar sized) with a hole in one side, (see pinhole camera for construction details). Light from only one part of a scene will pass through the hole and strike a specific part of the back wall. The projection is made on paper on which an artist can then copy the image. The advantage of this technique is that the perspective is accurate, thus greatly increasing the realism of the image (correct perspective in drawing can also be achieved by looking through a wire mesh and copying the view onto a canvas with a corresponding grid on it).

With this simple do-it-yourself apparatus, the image is always upside-down. By using mirrors, as in the 18th century overhead version (illustrated in the Discovery and Origins section below), it is also possible to project an up-side-up image. Another more portable type, is a box with an angled mirror projecting onto tracing paper placed on the glass top, the image upright as viewed from the back.

As a pinhole is made smaller, the image gets sharper, but the light-sensitivity decreases. With too small a pinhole the sharpness again becomes worse due to diffraction. Practical camera obscura use a lens rather than a pinhole because it allows a larger aperture, giving a usable brightness while maintaining focus.

  Artogaph Junior Tracer     225-380 This compact projector is ideal for the beginning artist or crafter. Art and patterns can be enlarged up to 10 times onto a wall or easel for quick and easy tracing and viewing. Create murals, signs, paintings and more. Features an energy efficient fluorescent lamp (included). This 8000 hour lamp produces a bright white (1200 lumens) image with little heat and uses only 20-watts of energy. No set-up necessary and simple to operate. Dark room required. Recommended for ages 12 and up
  Super Prism Projector Artograph Ref: 2847 designed for the artist or designer who needs the best in image clarity and accuracy. Ideal for working from a variety of challenging originals like photographs, half tones, and highly detailed drawings. Features a 3-element, colour corrected lens for extra sharp images and increased brightness. This Super Lens enlarges originals from 3 to 20 times. Includes extra accessory lens to extend the range from 3 times enlargement down to 80% reduction. Includes 500-watts of photo quality lighting for a whiter and brighter image. Magnetic door latches and a spring clip keep copy securely in place. Generous 7" x 7" (18 x 18 cm) top-loading, glass covered copy area makes for easy placement of large copy, books, or small 3-D objects. A dual cooling channel system and thermal overload circuit protect originals from overheating. Dark room required.

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    Super Prism Projector Artograph
  Designmaster II Tracing Projector by Artograph     Designmaster II Tracing Projector by Artograph Ref: 2849 is designed for professional designers, illustrators, fine artists and discerning amateurs who demand the finest performance. The sturdy spring-loaded stand makes for easy size adjustments and rock steady image projection. Mounts designs or photos onto the copy area safely with unique magnetic system. (effective copy area: 6" x 6"). A heavy duty-mounting clamp attaches the stand firmly to any table or work area. A micro switch conveniently turns off the lamps when the door is opened. A 200mm ground optical glass lens ensures accurate and precise image size and proportion. Originals can be enlarged up to 3½ times or reduced down to 70% onto the tabletop. Further enlargement is obtained by simply rotating the projector on the stand and projecting onto a wall, easel, or other vertical surface for up to 30x enlargement. Dark room required. Vertical projection range of 70% reduction up to 3 ½ times the original size Simply swivel projector on stand to project horizontally up to 30 times enlargement Spring-loaded stand with heavy duty table clamp for extra stability Copy size: 6 " x 6" (15 x 15 cm) with durable magnets to secure original in place Illumination: 500-watts of photo quality lighting for a brighter image (included/20 hours) Lens: 200mm precision-ground optical glass Cooling fan and safety overload circuit keeps copy cooler Net Weight: 13 lbs. Manufacturer: Artograph
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Designmaster Projector Artograph Ref: 2850 comes complete with an easy to attach adjustable stand. For tabletop projection, simply clamp the stand to any table or work area. Copyboard has two stainless steel clips to hold copy securely and safely. It enlarges and reduces with one reversible lens from 4 times down to 70% onto the tabletop. Removed from the stand, it projects horizontally up to 30 times the original size. Dark room required. Vertical projection range of 70% reduction up to 4 times the original size Remove from table stand, place onto a tabletop and project horizontally up to 30 times enlargement Copy size: 6 " x 6" (15 x 15 cm) with copy clips to secure original in place Illumination: 250-watts of photo quality lighting for a brighter image (included/20 hours) Lens: 200mm precision-ground optical glass Accurate and precise Cooling fan and safety overload circuit, keeps copy cooler Net Weight: 8 lbs. Manufacturer: Artograph - Designmaster Projector Artograph
    Designmaster Projector Artograph

Artograph Tips & Techniques for Projectors

Art projectors have an almost endless array of uses and applications...

Tips Tips Tips
Size up
The fast, easy way to enlarge and project photographs, prints, patterns, designs and sketches onto any surface. Transparencies are no longer necessary.
Find the best composition
Arrange the elements of a painting, decide on the best composition and see how an additional feature would look in the picture, before it's committed to the surface.
Define features
Enhance and define features and tonal range in portrait painting when working from a photograph or sketch.
Tips Tips Tips
Brush up your drawing skills
Trace around images to improve hand and eye coordination, understand perspective and draw better.
Paint on a grander scale
Free up your creative skills and gain confidence to work on larger paintings and murals.
Repeat success
Transfer an accurate repeat image for cartooning or decorating walls, furniture, fabrics, pottery, cake decorating icing - in fact, just about any surface to be hand painted.
Save Time
Produce paintings and decorative work faster - for fun and profit.

Basic directions to get you started...

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
1. Simply place the original in the copy area of the projector. 2. Enlarge the image by changing the projection distance. 3. Adjust the lens to sharpen focus, then trace around the outline, drawing in as much detail as you need.

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