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Can you help to identify these Limited Edition Prints?

apologies to other people who have sent their ideas in previously but the last webmaster did not have the time to acknowledge them.
I will try to do better and if  possible follow up old trails.

Tony Dodgson

Dinner at Mill Tom Dodson print
Dinner at Mill

This was taken on Saturday 11/01/08.The place was the Alder Mill in Leigh (just off Chapel Street looking from Butts Bridge.
The flats on the left hand side used to be a fruit & veg shop in the 60s and 70s. Eddie J

The Smithy

Information Sent In : 11-7-05
That picture is in Carrington, which is just slightly SW of Flixton, Manchester.

The pub is still there, everything else has a road through it :)

Kind Regards   T. J.

is this how anyone else remembers the area ?

MillettsBarn, The Old Post Office, Flixton

Title: 'Milletts Barn, The Old Post Office, Flixton'

Information Sent In :  11-7-05
Hi there

With regard to the above page, the 'Milletts Barn' is in Flixton, Manchester. It no longer stands, but it used to be on Carrington Road, just opposite the Victorian Post office.

Image below  - the barn is to the right. The land is now occupied by a small car park for the railway, which runs directly behind the artist as he painted that scene. The fields in the background are still there :)

Kind Regards   T. J.

PS . Also, I got 'Carrington road' wrong in the barn picture, its actually Flixton road at that point (it keeps changing several times along its length!)
The exact spot where the barn stood is in this link:,-2.383883&spn=0.009677,0.019855&hl=en

just very slightly North of the railway in the centre of the map.

is this how anyone else remembers the area ?


Tom Dodson St Michaels  Flixton Church pencil sketch
Tom Dodson St Michaels Flixton Church pencil sketch

do you know an up to date website from the area with local people interests ?

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