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St James Tavern

'St. James Tavern'

painted in either Oldham or Rochdale , can anyone confirm ?
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  Added 22-8-2007  

St. James Tavern was a Robinsons pub at the top of john street in Rochdale. Don’t know when it was knocked down but it was one of the first pubs I regularly attended, aged 17-18 ish. Great beer and a big landlady, open fire and special winter porter that I couldn’t appreciate then but understand now that I’m older. People on the left are stood at the gates of St James church and the building behind the pub, going down the hill has just been converted into an elegant block of apartments. The lower part of the pub are polished Victorian tiles, you’d pay a fortune for them now. You may know all of this by now but I just thought I’d let you know what I knew.  Regards   



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