Tom Dodson - 'Fish & Chips'

'Fish & Chips' in newspaper with lots of salt an vinegar

Approx. Image Size: 12" x 16"

Copyright Studio Arts.  All Rights Reserved

After the sweet shop, this was the shop we loved best, especially on dark winter nights. We could sit on the broad ledges, with our backs against the windows.  The warm air from the fryer drifted out to us, bringing with it the lovely smell of fish and chips.  Dogs and cats wandered up, hoping for a few crumbs.  If we had any money left, we could buy a bag of scrapings; the hard batter bits that were left over after frying.  The food was always wrapped in newspaper and smothered in salt and vinegar.  No matter how hot the chips were when we bought them, we started eating them straight away, burning our tongues and our fingers, before anyone else could pinch one of our chips.  Anyway, they were so very hard to resist!