Tom Dodson - 'Silent Night'

'Silent Night'

Approx. Image Size: 14" x 19"

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This is a painting of a typical street in one of the industrial areas in Lancashire, in winter. During the few days before Christmas, The Salvation Army (Sally Army to us) trudged through the streets regardless of the weather.  They stopped to play and sing carols in certain chosen places and one of them would come round with a collecting box, to raise money for the various charities they supported.

One of the Salvationists (usually a pretty young girl), a bundle of ‘Warcry’ tucked under her arm, would go into the nearest pub, walk through the vault (the ‘men only’ bar) and sell her newspapers.  For a few brief moments, all swearing would cease, only to be resumed once she’d gone and was well out of earshot.  It must have taken a great deal of courage for a female to enter the ‘lion’s den’.   So let’s wish everyone a Happy Christmas and drink a toast to the Sally Army.   They brought hope and cheerfulness in those grim, grey days of the Thirties.