Tom Dodson - 'Snow Scene 2'

'Snow Scene II'

Approx. Image Size: 13½" x 17½"

Copyright Studio Arts / Fine Art Trade Guild.  All Rights Reserved

Skating on the nearest lake or pool.  No-one had skates in those days but, if you were lucky enough to have seen a film about skating, you knew exactly what actions to perform. If you were a girl you could slide about imagining you were dressed in a short skating dress.  The boys bumped and smashed into each other, having a hoot of a time.  Dogs often came around, barking and trying to jump up at us; we would usually end up in a big heap on the ice.   Before long, the niceties gave way to snowball fights and different gangs started pelting each other with snowballs, from behind trees.  Such innocent fun, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The grown-ups always enjoyed seeing the children so carefree and happy, and at no charge!