Trevor R Owens

Trevor Owens - 'Christmas Leave'

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Image Size: 16" x 20"                                                               No. In Edition: 850

Steam train at Lancaster Station. The L.M.S. locomotive No. 4905 was a 4-6-0 mixed traffic tender engine, one of 842 built between 1934 and 1950 to the design of Sir William Stanier.  Power rated Class 5, all these engines were painted black, thus earning them the nickname "Black Fives".  Extremely versatile engines they worked throughout the network and in B.R. days in all regions, hauling express passenger or heavy freight trains with equal aplomb.

No. 4905 was built at Crewe in 1945 and was allocated to Carlisle (Upperby) Shed.  In the scene depicted she is heading a holiday relief train from Glasgow but will probably be taken off at her home depot.



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