The Gambia Jan 2006

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You Cannot beat fresh coconut juice (you can... with a big stick!!)

Vulture feeding time at Hotel SeneGambia

Mandela's Restaurant , Main Street , Kololi

Sal who gave us excellent service in Mandela's

Main Street , Kololi from our hotel balcony

Bijilo Forest Park and Nature Park Kololi

Green monkey ( Callithrix )

Amat Sarr really good local Guide and taxi driver

A little ant hill / termite mound

M & S special reserve monkey nut's !

Alex 118 ( Official tourist guide ) Knows everyone and good fun

Abuko Nature Reserve

Antelope around the bamboo pool

Nile crocodile

Can u see three croc's ?

Green monkey ( Callithrix )

Red monkey ( Columbus )

Hyena ( shame about the cage, animal sanctuary orphans)

Well worth the visit recommended

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