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Montana Gold Spray Cans Colour Charts Click Here
  Montana GOLD  Spray Paint Cans at the push of a button   Montana GOLD  Spray Paint Cans at the push of a button
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This is a new generation of spray paints. Never before have such high-quality colors been available in spray cans, and never before have spray cans been designed so ingeniously! New GOLD by MONTANA CANS now 400 ml makes painting or redecorating as easy as it is satisfying. Montana GOLD provides   181 matte colors   /   Fast drying   /   Drip-free   /   100% weatherproof   Twice the coverage   /   Variable spray-width   /   Virtually no overspray   Practically odour free    /   CFC - free   The spring in the valve system allows you to control the pressure and quantity of colour released. New Montana cans makes painting as easy as it is satisfying. Recommended for most surfaces including Wood, Concrete, Metal, Glass, Plastic and Canvas Supplied with a standard nozzle, there are also 5 different nozzles available separately. 180 Acrylic based colours , Suitable for indoor and outdoor ,  Drip-Free , Matt finish , Special valve system , 

Lightfast for over 10 years

lacquer quality Montana GOLD contains a high covering, quick drying special nitro-combi silk lacquer for interior and exterior use. With Montana GOLD you can start immediately. No first coat of paint is necessary! You can paint on untreated surfaces such as timber, glass, plastics or stone easily. Try it! Compared to conventional spray cans, Montana GOLD covers twice the area.
  Montana Gold Spray Paint Can 400 ml  
how to use Montana GOLD:   - shake the can for 1-2 minutes - remove the safety ring under the cap - choose the spray cap - test spray away from object - go for it !  
The high quality paint of Montana GOLD insures perfect opacity on wood, metal, plastic, concrete, glass and many other surfaces !
Montana Spray paint on working engine rocker cover
  Montana Spray paint on working engine rocker cover

 OK up to 200C
  Montana Gold Spray Paint Can 400 ml   choose your spray width!  

Thanks to a variety of nozzle sizes you can change the width of the spray to achieve different effects for different projects.   The 5 special spray caps allow you to customize your spray width from very thin to very wide. The cap system also combines low and high pressure performance in the same can. The spring in the valve system facilitates fine details in small areas as well as filling larger areas in only a few minutes.

Montana GOLD  Spray Paint Cans at the push of a button
  Montana Gold Spray Cans 
Colour Charts Click Here
  Montana Marker Pens    
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