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Daler Rowney + Winsor & Newton

Triple coated primed cotton canvas
Daler Rowney triple coated canvas

Daler Rowney
Daler Rowney artist materials

Daler-Rowney canvases and paper for painting with oils and acrylics are made to the highest specifications. All canvas used for Stretched Canvases, Canvas Panels and sold from the roll is treated with two coats of acrylic primer. Double-priming creates a perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics that holds the colour on the surface and prevents seepage through to the back. The famous Daler Board with its unique oil-primed surface has been a favourite choice among oil painters for decades. Specialist papers for painting in acrylics include the popular Cryla surface with its uniform woven textured surface and new System 3 paper, which recreates the random weave of linen. Daler-Rowney canvases and paper for painting with oils

various sizes in stock

Acid free, 100% cotton medium grained
Heavy weight 380gm 15oz, triple primed back stapled.


Winsor & Newton Winsor & Newton art materials canvas and paint Large Range of sizes
varying Discounts
canvas carrier loxely   Canvas Carrier Loxley

to keep wet painted canvases apart whilst drying or being carried
canvas separating clips   Canvas Separating Clips Loxley

to keep wet painted canvases apart

pack of 4 twin clips


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