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Colour Shaper Information Hints and Tips

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Colour shapers online discounts are available in 5 sizes with 5 unique tip shapes offering excellent control of colour. Move heavy paint, control thick colour,
create soft edges and blend pastel and charcoal.
Cleaning is easy, for acrylics, water colours or drawing materials just dip the tip in water and wipe clean. With stubborn colours wipe the tip with alcohol or solvent. For oil-based paints and printing inks dip the tip in solvent and wipe clean.
Do not leave the shapers to soak in solvent.
Colour shapers have a unique silicone tip allowing and dried paint material to be simply peeled off, making them ideal for acrylic paints both for mixing the paints and for application in many varied ways
Colour Shaper perfect for applying masking fluid for watercolourists - no more ruined brushes and also for creating textured effects.
Glass painters will find colour shaper useful to carve decorative effects not possible with a conventional brush (firm grey tips sizes 2 & 6 are recommended) easily create clean sweeps.
For pastel drawing use soft tips to blend and smudge whilst the firm tips allow for more detailed work.
Each tip is available in 5 sizes: 0, 2, 6,10 and 16 and 3 types: ivory soft, grey firm and black extra firm (clay shapers).

Approximate ferule size:
0 - 3mm - 2 - 6mm - 6 - 9mm - 10 - 13mm - 12 - 16mm

Watercolour Techniques

Develop new watercolour techniques and surface effects. Apply and remove masking fluid with soft or firm tips, then clean in seconds with a damp cloth - no more ruined brushed.

When using Colour Shapers to apply masking fluid, best results are obtained with either an angle tip, or flat chisel.
To apply fine lines, pour a little masking fluid into a flat bowl or saucer. Dip in the colour shaper, and apply to your work.
For long lines, there are two options. Use a size 10 or 16 angle chisel, dip into the masking fluid and draw the line from the bottom upwards. Hold the Shaper so that the tip points downwards. Smaller tips work equally as well, but give shorter lines.
You can also use the angle chisel to create precise linear marks. For example, when creating grasses, use the point to move the colour into a straight line.

Colour Shaper Info website

Colour Shaper Info website

Pastel Techniques

Designed as a replacement finger, you can blend, smudge and define with amazing precision with our soft tipped Colour Shapers. We've also developed a unique pastel blending set, that combines 2 Colour Shapers and 2 Pastel brushes for creating the best effects.

Hints and tips

Use the soft, ivory tipped Colour Shapers when working with pastels, they give the softest effect.
Simply wipe the tips clean with a moist cloth to remove the pastel. The shaper is ready to use again, without contaminating the new colour.
The taper point is good for fine detail. Roll the tip in pastel, and draw. The point will create delicate linear strokes, and the side of the taper will create broad strokes.
The Flat Chisel gives exact control when blending and smudging. By using this shape, you can achieve a flat, even stroke of colour.
The smaller taper point shapers are good when creating animal fur. As the taper point is so fine and soft, you can achieve effects that you can't get with your finger or a stump.

Oil Techniques
Use the firm tips in all sizes 0,2,6,10,16 time and time again to mix, apply, reapply, spread, move and remove paint - the options are endless - just wipe or peel the paint from the tip.

Hints and Tips
The best tip type to use with Oils and Acrylics is the grey, firm tip.

When using Oils there's no need for white spirit, as you can clean the silicone tips with water €¦. no more smell!
When using Acrylics, either wipe the tips clean, or if the paint has dried on, simply peel it off
A good way of working with Colour Shapers is the wet-on-wet method. Because the tips are non-absorbent, accidental mixing produces less 'mud'.
Use a larger Colour Shaper than you think you need because, unlike a brush, they do not spread out under pressure.
If you use an acrylic retarder, then you are able to create more textures, as you have more time to work.


Colour Shaper Info website

Colour Shaper Info website

Sculpting Ideas
The Clay Shaper has a black extra firm tip offering excellent control with:

Clay , plasticine , Wax , Plaster , Heavy body paints
Adhesives (epoxy resin)

Hints and tips
Use Clay Shapers to make smooth accurate marks - you will get smooth marks with out the fingerprints!
Sculpt the shape you require and add fine details with size 0's and 2's.
The Wide Clay Shapers are ideal when working on large areas. Simply wet the tip and slide over the wet clay for
a smooth, even finish.
You can also use Wide Clay Shapers for spreading adhesive. Either wipe the adhesive from the tip or let it dry and peel it off!
When you are making a vase, for example, trying to smooth the inside of your work is extremely difficult. Try using a size 10 or size 16 Colour Shaper (grey tip) for this instead - because it has a long handle, you can reach all those difficult places.
Unique silicone tipped tools for sculpting clay and polymer clays. clay shapers
Learn to paint in a whole new way: Reach beyond brushes, rollers, and sponges to discover a world of fresh painting techniques.

Hints and tips

Use a 'decorator' Colour Shaper to create faux finishes. The decorator has pre-cut slits and comes in 3 sizes, making them ideal for large and small pieces.
Create your own unique patterns by taking a sharp razor and cutting your own slits or edges into a wide flat colour shaper.
Using >acrylic paint with an extender, gives you more time to work, enabling you to create the effects you want.
If you make a mistake or change your mind, the colour shapers will take off paint with great accuracy, without spreading the colour like a brush.
Use the decorator for graining on walls and furniture.




Colour Shaper on line discounts Click Here

Colour Shaper Info website

Colour Shaper Wide for Decoration Decorating effects
Colour Shapers and Sets
Colour Shaper on line discounts Click Here
Colour Shapers and Sets

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