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Daler Rowney Artist Soft Pastel Colour Chart

Daler-Rowney are acknowledged as the world masters in the making of artists' pastels - and to complement the range of almost 200 tints, there are specialist surfaces and fixatives. The finest pigments are blended with chalk and china clay to produce the vibrant colour and smooth velvet texture of Artists' Soft Pastels, each one carefully wrapped by hand. For more detailed line work, Artists' Square Pastels are a little firmer to create a harder mark. Oil Pastels, which require no fixing, are a versatile and economical medium for drawing and painting, used on their own or in mixed media work.

Diameter 12 mm x Length 63 mm

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daler rowney soft pastels colour chart

Fixative Rowney Spray Large 400ml

Ref: 9527
Contents :400ml

Low Odour CFC Free Aerosol perfectly colourless for pastel, crayon or charcoal drawings, with a minimal effect on tonal values.
Acid free

Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
Fixative Rowney Spray Large 400ml

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