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Brush n Leaf & Rub n Buff
Colour Chart for Gold Leaf #goldleaf

sorry not currently available in UK our alternate is Treasure Liquid leaf

Rub n Buff Gold Leaf 15ml (1/2 fl oz) tube covers up to 20 square feet

Rub n Buff gold leaf colours
Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Grecian Gold, Autumn Gold, Olive Gold, European Gold, Chinese Red, Patina, Ruby,
Pewter, Silver Leaf, Spanish Copper, Jade, Emerald, Turquoise, Sapphire, Pearl Blue, Amethyst, Antique white and Ebony.

online discount for brush and Liquid Leaf in bottle or wax form

  online discount for brush and Liquid Leaf in bottle or wax form
Treasure sealer  60 ml  

Gold leaf Treasure sealer 60 ml Ref: 3173

1 x bottle 60 ml

This product is specifically made as a protective coating for liquid leaf, treasure gold and jewels. It is waterproof, clear and non-yellowing and also provides an excellent exterior hard varnish.
Can be used on fabric, prints, ceramics (non-fired), plastic, leather furniture, wallpaper and straw.
Can also be used to prevent gold paint from tarnishing. Drying time 30 minutes.
Liquid Leaf is a gilding paint that contains its own red primmer and a film of lustrous gold, pre-mixed into a single liquid.
An effective finish for use on carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps, figurines and objects.
Flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful lustrous finish that resembles traditional gold leaf.
It is so controllable, it can be used with a striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls.
When dry can be buffed with a soft cloth or toned down with a used shoe polish brush  Manufacturer: Conoisseur Studio Ref. 3173

Shellac surface preparation and varnish

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