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Decorating a Lay Figure Manikin with Acrylics

Figure of Fun 

Decorate your own
Lay Figure Manikin Male and Female

By Daler Rowney
Daler Rowney Artist Materials
Manikin Lay figure 12 inchUse your painting skills to transform a plain wooden mannequin into a pirouetting delight with the help of Polly George

Turn our wooden artist's gadget into a darling dancing dolly. You'll just need a steady hand and use of detail combined with pearlescent paint to give a soft feminine feel to the piece.

Dress the finished ballerina with a lacy doily skirt painted in a pearly blue to complement her colour scheme.

Materials you will need:

Wooden mannequin.

Cryla paint - burnt umber, napthol crimson and ultramarine

Pearlescent liquid acrylic in 112, galactic blue, 120, sundown magenta and 125, white pearl

Two doilies, Ribbon, Glue, Pencil and Scissors.

Step by Step Techniques

1. Paint the mannequin body in sundown magenta. Two coats may be required.

2. When the ink is dry, carefully draw the outline of the face, clothes and jewellery.

3. Continue to paint the mannequin: hair and lashes - Cryla burnt umber, cheeks and lips - Cryla napthol crimson, eye- Cryla ultramarine, bodice - Pearlescent galactic blue, shoes and lace - Cryla napthol crimson, base - Cryla ultramarine.

4. Paint the doilies in galactic blue and white pearl.

5. Draw a small circle approximately the size of a two pence piece in the centre of the doily.

6. Fold the doily in half and cut alongside of the folded edge to the centre.

7. Cut out the centre circle.

8. Place the doily around the mannequin's waist and attach the ends with glue

9. Tie the ribbon around the waist for decoration.


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