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Plaster of Paris, Forms and Armatures

Head and Bust Aluminium Armature wire    

Head and bust wire armature


These wire armatures are mounted and ready to support a sculpture project. The pliable, non-staining wire easily adjusts to almost any position. Bases are made of Formica ® laminated onto heavy particle board.

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Head and bust wire armature


Plaster cloth mod roc bandage

  A gauze impregnated plaster bandage, which when dipped in water will start to set after about 3 minutes.
Can be used on its own in a suitable mould or to clad to wire or card models. The model will be hard enough to handle after around 30 minutes and develop full strength overnight.

Non toxic
Quick and fun
Fast drying
Covers most forms
paintable surface

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Stone Plaster - Tougher and harder than Plaster of Paris

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Stone plaster paris

Alginate NEW Chromatic 450g makes a firm or flexible mould   Alginate NEW Chromatic 450g makes a firm or flexible mould Ref: 12171
Impression compound, mix with water, setting time 10 minutes. Ideal for body moulds.

Brilliant new colour changing alginate. Now it is easy to make a mould from the human body, hands& feet, torso etc. Changes colour at each stage, mixing, pouring & setting to make the process fool proof. Powder to water ratio can be altered to give a firm or flexible mould. ( Contains 450g alginate plus full instructions. )

Manufacturer: Peak  Ref 14171  ALGINCHR
Gedeo Siligum Ref: 4296

100 gms & 300 gms

Mould objects in 10 minutes

Exceptional imprint accuracy

Description Very fast setting, two component silicone moulding paste. Easy dosing - 1/1. To mould small objects and flat decorations. 100g is sufficient to create up to 3 moulds of diameter 4cm.
Can be used to produce over 50 casts in resin, plaster, low melting point metal or wax

easy & creative, Manufacturer: Gedeo 766309
  Gedeo Siligum

Fimo Eberhard polymere clay hints and tips

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