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Solar system with polystyrene balls

Polystyrene balls
Polystyrene glue
Wood dowel
Match Sticks
Tacky pva Glue Arts crafts and hobbies dries colourless and flexible
Acrylic paints, Possible colours needed : Bright Yellow , Black , Orange , Deep Danube , Ultra Blue, Christmas Green ,
Bright Red , Orange , Village Green,Nectal Coral , Terra Cotta,Seminole Green, Purple .

Sun , Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter, Saturn , Saturn's Ring , Uranus , Neptune , Pluto .

Solar system with polystyrene balls

Solar system with polystyrene balls




Fossil plaster paris cast
Das air drying clay
Das air drying clay fossil
Das air drying clay

Mod Roc plaster bandage, A gauze impregnated plater bandage, which when dipped in water will start to set after about 3 minutes. Can be used on its own in a suitable mould or to clad to wire or card models. The model will be hard enough to handle after around 30 minutes and develop full strength overnight.

Das air drying clay
Caves , mod roc plaster bandage , wire mesh , acrylic


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