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Transfer Paper Hints and Tips

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Wax free Graphite Tracing Down Paper by Paperwave

Tracedown presents a simple and quick way to copy images, and can be used many times to transfer your image to paper.

The charcoal grey graphite tracedown is ideal for use with white paper while the white and yellow Trace down are perfect for dark paper projects.

Blue Tracedown is for non-photographic for keylines, mechanicals and paste-ups.
Red Tracedown is easy to use on mixed light and dark surfaces.

Place one sheet of wax free transfer paper between the image and your paper and simply trace over the outline. You'll be painting your picture in no time!

Available in A3 and A4, and comes in packs of either 1 or 5 sheets.

Tracedown can also be used for transferring designs onto cloth and also dressmaking. Use a standard tracing wheel to trace the pattern. It is safe for marking on all fabrics including synthetics such as polyester and bleached fibres. The tracing dots will not melt into the material when ironed and may easily be sponged off if desired. The tracing wheel does not cause Tracedown to crack apart and it outlasts many other dressmaker tracing papers many times over.

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  Saral Transfer Paper  

Saral Transfer paper

  Saral transfer paper 12 foot x 12 inch roll Graphite colour

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What Saral ® Wax Free Transfer Paper
Will Do For You
Saral ® Transfer Paper is wax free transfer paper (also known as graphite paper or tracing paper) made for general and specialized use, which allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, pattern, template or free hand to any surface. It makes clean, crisp tracings that can be erased and painted over. It's great for tole painting, fabric painting, fine arts and watercolour painting, quilting, dress making, commercial and graphic arts, architecture, wood working, ceramics, stained glass, metal working and it's acid-free for scrapbooking.

 The Advantages Of Working With Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper Saral Transfer Paper is wax free so it gives the advantage of erasing like pencil with no smear or smudge. It can be inked or painted over with no skipping or bleeding. The transfer lines can be sponged, washed out or brushed off of fabric, and a hot iron will not set them as will other tracing or transfer papers made for fabrics. Saral is economical and can be used again and again.

 <>Saral Comes In 5 Colours Graphite: The all-purpose tracing medium. Excellent for illustration board and all drawing papers, wood, fabrics, canvas and metal.

Red: Excellent for ceramics and china painting. The lines will fire out. Shows up equally well on light or dark surfaces and mixtures of the two, such as photographs and photostats. May be used on acetate, triacetate, overlays, plastics and enamel.

Blue: Non-photographic. It's not necessary to clean off Saral blue when work goes before the platemaking camera. Ideal for key lines, mechanicals, paste-ups. For Tole Painters, it leaves a bright, easy to see transfer line.

Yellow and White: For tracings on dark surfaces. Excellent on dark fabrics, dark wood, metal, as well as dark painting surfaces. Tole painters find white especially useful. Yellow is best for work on clear or stained glass.

 Saral is Certified Non-Toxic
All Saral transfer papers conform to ASTMD-4236 and are certified by The Art & Creativenon toxic label Materials Institute as non-toxic, so they are suitable for use by children, as well as adults.

Saral ® Transfer Paper Is Easy To Use - Here's How

Put a piece of Saral ® Transfer paper Colour side down on the surface (fabric, canvas, wood, etc.) to which you wish to transfer a design. Place your design on top of Saral. Using a stylus (ball point pen, pencil, tracing wheel, etc.), follow the outline of the design, apply enough pressure to get the results you desire. You may have to experiment and adjust the pressure to obtain your desired result. One Colour of Saral Transfer Paper may be better than another for a specific job because of the surface Colour or texture of the material to which you are transferring the design.

Using Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper Is Easy, Clean And Quick

  The following are hints to help you have the best success when using Saral ® Transfer Paper.

1.) On any project, make the lightest transfer line you can see so it will be easy to erase or remove if you decide to change the transfer line.
2.) To help avoid smudging, wipe a new, unused sheet of Saral Transfer Paper lightly with a tissue to remove any excess coating or dust.
3.) When using Saral Transfer Paper, avoid smudging with the palm of your hand by placing the transfer paper on your surface and securing it with tape or with your fingertips (not the palm of your hand).
4.) To remove smudging, try a large eraser and lightly rub over the smudge. This will work most of the time. You can also remove a smudge with the rubbing alcohol found in your medicine cabinet (isopropyl) and a cotton swab. Be sure to test the alcohol on your project in a small, less important, section or corner first to make sure the alcohol won't ruin your surface or painted surface.
5.) On water Colour paper, make the lightest, thinnest transfer line possible that you can see. It will erase if you have not painted over it. However, be sure to erase very lightly and only on the transfer line to avoid breaking the small fibers in water Colour paper.

6.) On water Colour paper, be sure to use the lightest, thinnest transfer line so it won't show too much through water Colour paint transparent washes.

7.) Saral Transfer Paper transfer lines will wash out of fabrics. However, it will brush off of some fabrics (e.g. t-shirt cotton, depending on Colour)...try rubbing lightly with your hand.

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