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Cryla Hints and Tips Acrylics

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Cryla Artists Heavy Body Acrylic colours are characterised by their thick buttery consistency, their uniform eggshell finish across all the colours in the range and their minimal colour shift from wet to dry in the development of Cryla.
Daler-Rowney took the industry standards ASTM D5098 set by the American Society for Testing and Materials as their yardstick - and improved on them at every stage of manufacture. The colours are made by dispersing the finest high loading pigments in a 100% acrylic co-polymer emulsion and will not yellow with age and offer a high degree of permanence and light fastness. These colours can be thinned with water, but when dry the resin particles coalesce to form a tough flexible film which is impervious to water.
Because the colours are water based they can safely be used by those sensitive to the powerful solvents used in oil painting.
Acrylics are the fist colours since >oils that are sufficiently flexible to be used on canvas.
Cryla Artists Heavy Body colours are designed to retain the intended stroke when applied with a knife or brush, so they are ideal for highly textured impasto painting techniques and readily mix with many mediums to create various effects.
Painting with oils over acrylics is not recommended , but oil over acrylic is considered good and safe practice.
Acrylics can be painted on many surfaces which should be oil and grease free and preferably treated with specially formulated acrylic primers or gel mediums. Drying time is approximately 5 minutes for a simple brush stoke at room temperature which enables over painting and is a great advantage to those who work quickly.
Colour samples should be used as a guide only, due to the differences in computer monitor displays.   Ref 3233

Cryla Artists Heavy Body Acrylic Colour Chart

Cryla Acrylic Colour Chart at online discounts

Permanent ****  /  Normally Permanent *** - Series A are the least expensive C most expensive

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Daler-Rowney Pearlescent Tinting Medium gives a shimmering pearlescent metallic lustre when mixed with pure acrylic colour. On its own it dries to an attractive off-white pinkish pearliest colour. It works well on white surfaces as well as darker surfaces. Ideal for use with System 3, Cryla and acrylic colours. The medium is heavy bodied which when mixed with Cryla colour will retain the same consistency as the pure colour. Mixtures will result in paler transparent tints of the pure colour. It works particularly well with more transparent colours and is perfect for all forms of 2 and 3 dimensional decorative cards and craft work.

Daler-Rowney Flow Enhancer is a colourless liquid which can reduces viscosity and makes acrylic more fluid, which can be particularly useful when painting large areas requiring smooth coverage without >brush marks. Flow Enhancer is best added directly to colour in small quantities until the desired flow characteristics are achieved. Flow Enhancer reduces brush marks enabling acrylic colours to be applied in a 'hard edge' style. Useful additive when staining raw canvas. The flow properties help when airbrushing and avoids clogging as much.

Cryla Impasto Medium Matt, Daler Rowney, is a  white translucent heavy bodied gel which provides a cost effective means of covering large areas with impasto colour when mixed with pure acrylic colours it will dry to a matt eggshell finish. Ideal for use with System 3, Cryla and acrylic colours. Opacity is only marginally reduced with considerable additions of medium to colour. Drying times will be slowed down, but not significantly. The marks of brush and knife will be retained with gel mixed just as with pure colour, and the same heavy bodied buttery texture is preserved.



How do I remove wet acrylic colour from fabric (i.e. clothes)?
The colour can be removed from clothes when wet by padding the back of the fabric to avoid the colour spreading and rub with a cloth dampened with water. Follow by washing with soap and warm water. Some staining may nevertheless still occur because the pigment becomes entangled in the fibres of the cloth and cannot be physically removed. We find that some detergents fix pigment in to the fabric so bar soap and / or dry cleaning is preferred to machine washing. Our advice is to always use protective clothing/ aprons when using acrylic colours because of the difficulty in cleaning them from fabrics.
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Acrylic Colour Pigment Listing

Colour Number / Colour Name / Pigment Composition / Colour Index Name's)  / Colour Index Number (s)  / Permanence rating in ***  /  Opaque (o)  Transparent (t)  semi transparent (s)

651 Lemon Yellow  / Aryl amide Yellow 1  / 0G PY3 11710   / ***   /  t

675 Process Yellow Arylamide Yellow 5GX / Arylamide Yellow 10G PY74 / PY3 11741/ 11710 *** t

620 Cadmium Yellow Hue Arylamide Yellow 5GX / Diarylamide Yellow PY74 / PY83 11741/ 21108 *** t

618 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue Arylamide Yellow PY1:1 11680 *** t

619 Cadmium Orange Hue Diarylamide Orange / Diarylamide Yellow PO34 / PY83 21115/ 21108 *** s

511 Cadmium Scarlet Hue Naphthol Red AS - OL / Diarylamide Yellow PR9 / PY83 12460/ 21108 *** s

588 Vermilion Hue Naphthol Red AS - OL PR9 12460 *** s

503 Cadmium Red Hue Naphthol Red AS -D PR112 12370 *** s

504 Cadmium Red Deep Hue Naphthol Red AS - D / Quinacridone PR112 / PR122 12370/ 73915 *** s

513 Crimson Quinacridone / Naphthol Red PR122 / PR210 73915/ 12477 *** s

412 Process Magenta Quinacridones PV19 / PR122 73900/ 12370 *** t

433 Purple Quinacridones PV19 / PR122 73900/ 12370 *** t

408 Deep Violet Dioxazine Violet PV23 51319 *** s

134 Prussian Blue Hue Phthalocyanine Blue / Ultramarine Blue/ Carbon Black PB15 / PB29 /PBk7 74160/ 77007/ 77266 *** s

142 Phthalo Blue Phthalocyanine Blue PB15 74160 *** t

123 Ultramarine Blue PB29 77007 *** s

110 Cobalt Blue Hue Ultramarine Blue / Titanium Dioxide PB29 / PW6 77007/ 77891 *** o

112 Coeruleum Hue Phthalocyanine Blue / Zinc Oxide PB15:3 / PW4 74160/ 77947 *** o

120 Process Cyan Phthalocyanine Blue / Phthalocyanine Green PB15:3 / PG7 74160/ 74260 *** t

154 Phthalo Turquoise Phthalocyanine Blue / Phthalocyanine Green PB15 / PG7 74160/ 74260 *** t

361 Phthalo Green Phthalocyanine Green PG7 74260 *** t

335 Emerald Phthalocyanine Green / Arylamide Yellow 10G PG7 / PY3 74260/ 11710 *** s

355 Leaf Green Phthalocyanine Green / Arylamide Yellow 10G PG7 / PY3 74260/ 11710 *** s

375 Sap Green Arylamide Yellow 5GX/Phthalocyanine Green/Iron Oxide Red PY74/PG7/PR101 Trans 11741/ 74260/ 77491 *** t

352 Hooker's Green Phthalocyanine Green /Arylamide Yellow GX / Iron Oxide Red PG7 / PY73/ 74260/ 11738/ 77491 *** s

367 Oxide of Chromium Green Chromium Oxide Green PG17 77288 **** o

578 Flesh Tint Zinc Oxide / Iron Oxides PW4 / PY42 / PR101 77947/77492/77491 *** s

024 Buff Titanium Natural Titanium Dioxide PW6 77891 *** o

663 Yellow Ochre Iron Oxide Yellow PY42 77492 **** s

667 Raw Sienna Iron Oxides / Bone Black PY42/PR101Trans./PBk9 77492/77491/77267 **** t

221 Burnt Sienna Iron Oxide PR101 Trans 77491 **** t

223 Burnt Umber Iron Oxide PBr6 Trans 77491 **** t

247 Raw Umber Natural Iron Oxide PBr7 77491 **** s

065 Paynes Grey Ultramarine Blue / Mars Black PB29 / PBk11 77007/ 77499 *** o

036 Mars Black Mars Black PBk11 77499 **** o

040 Process Black Carbon Black PBk7 77266 **** o

006 Zinc Mixing White Zinc Oxide PW4 77947 *** o

009 Titanium White Titanium Dioxide PW6 77891 *** o

230 Copper Imitation Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide Coated Mica PW6 / PR101 Trans. 77891/ 77491 *** t

708 Pale Gold Imitation Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide Coated Mica PW6 / PR101 Trans. 77891/ 77491 *** t

707 Rich Gold Imitation Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide Coated Mica PW6 / PR101 Trans. 77891/ 77491 *** t

702 Silver Imitation Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica/ Carbon Black PW6 / PBk7 77891/ 77266 *** t

681 Fluorescent Yellow Fluorescent Yellow 27 * t

653 Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Orange 5 * s

544 Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Red 3 * s

538 Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Pink 1 * s

100 Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Blue 60 * s

349 Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Green 8 * s